Engrave your name in
Theatre History.

Dedicating a seat at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts is a visible and lasting way to show your support of this one of a kind fine arts facility in California offering professional and community-based arts programming through arts education, exhibitions, and eclectic stage performances.

What's in a name?

Your inspiration for inscribing a seat plaque can come from anywhere, for any reason meaningful to you. Plaques will be installed on newly dedicated seats a few times throughout the year.

How does your dedication benefit the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts?

Your donation will help support the Clyde Bland Endowment Fund established to provide for the long-term sustainability of the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts programming. Your contribution will be combined with those of other donors in an endowment fund maintained by the Community Foundation of San Joaquin. The Foundation's goal is to create an endowment of at least one million dollars.